This was a crazy idea, a Stadium band in a pub! And not just any pub, the Intrepid Fox, London’s most Prolific Goth/Metal haunt.

Buckcherry headlined the 100 capacity venue, supported by amazing young newcomers Beyond All Reason. The crowd loved it but also the event was somewhat manic as the fans were climbing on tables and literally hanging from the ceiling!

Rockworld TV
hi-jacked the Fox on St Giles High Street from midday filming a TV show with Total Rock and its DJ’s Talita, Natasha, Chris and Malcolm, to bring our viewers a laid back style programme enjoying the company of some of the best bands around. We spoke to Beyond all Reason about their current rise into the limelight, Wednesday 13 was pitted against his very own superfan to see who knew more about him and his band. Also although teetotal, Buckcherry made their very own cocktail, which was eagerly slurped up by a waiting fan. This was all before the bands played live!

As a small venue there were limited passes for the small 100 capacity upstairs room and the security at the Fox were worked hard as they had to keep back the legions of fans hoping to catch their favourite band in such and intimate setting, (Those were the ones that managed to get in the pub at all as there was a queue outside too!)

As Beyond all reason came on stage and the lights went down the venue erupted into a heaving sweatbox of intense adrenaline fuelled mania! Our cameramen had to struggle to get their shots among the throngs of fans giving it their all, even the bar staff were moshing!

Beyond all reason played a great set, showing the difficult crowd of Intrepid Fox regulars that they were here to stay and I predict big things for these guys in the future as they have one of those sounds that you just know will get them both commercial and critical acclaim.

As the madness dies down in the break and the crowd head to the bar to re-fuel it soon becomes apparent that the previous energy is nothing in comparison to what is to come, you can feel the electricity in the room as it begins to fill up with fans near to bursting. If you are rock band concerts lover, you should definitely follow The Rock World TV.

As Buckcherry hits the stage the crowd ignites into bedlam and they are loving it, there are people on the bar, people on the tables, people on each other’s shoulders and people hanging from the ceiling. Buckcherry played an amazing set with an ultra slick extended version of ‘Crazy Bitch’ getting the crowd wound up to breaking point. Buckcherry are pros at working the crowd and it made for and amazing and unforgettable gig!