First album ever bought
Jack mix 88- 88 of the classic tracks of 1988 mixed together on 12 inch vinyl…from Woolworth…and my dad gave me the money for it…

First Concert
The wedding present at Brixton in like 1992…back in the day when u were supposed to be 18 and we didn’t even now. We lied about our age and said we were 15, the bouncers laughed their arses off and then let us in cos they thought it was so funny…

Top 3 Movies
Lost Highway: The messed up David Lynch film-changed the whole way I read images and thought about cinema. I like things that challenge the way you think about something, plus it has Henry Rollins as a guard…he’s always hilarious to watch, especially when he’s trying to act…

Soapdish: its my classic laugh movie. Its basically a really, really silly movie with Kevin Kline, Elizabeth Shue and sally Fields. They work on a soap opera called the Sun Also Sets (think sunset beach-bad acting and ridiculous plots) and its about their lives on and off screen and well the fact that it turns out their lives are more ridiculous than the characters they play. Its so well timed and acted and the script dialogue is spot on. Worth a late night watch as long as you accept its going to be silly from the start. Find out more about rock concert tours.

NEW RECENT ADDITION—OLDBOY: Seriously if you haven’t seen this, stop what you are doing right now, yes get off you computer and go and watch it. Beautifully shot, epically directed, twisted, twisted twisted and the acting is superb…
go now…I’m not going to type anymore…I’m going to go and make tea so you might as well…go on….

Top 3 TV Programs
mmm…nice tea…did you go and watch it? Good right we can move on..Family guy it has to be, as sacrilegious as it sounds it s**ts all over the Simpsons as far as I’m concerned.Other TV shows, you know I don’t watch that much TV (they’re going to edit this bit out aren’t they?)I suppose I should say LOST as my boyfriend is editor of the Lost magazine and he’ll get offended if I don’t. It is good, I just don’t plan to stay in and watch TV much so I’ve got all the box sets at home he’s given me that I’m supposed to watch over Xmas. Its going to take like 2 days to watch them all, its insane I’d rather be outside causing trouble.

Nicest food in the world

When not listening to music, I’m eating or combining both into a giant food music orgy, at gigs, whipping my flatmate Miles at Guitar Hero, riding my bike, shouting, making inappropriate drunken remarks, drumming, learning Burmese, fielding calls from my mother about the building of massive expensive sheds in their garden.  And then some from my dad about the same topic, but louder and with more profanities.

Used to have rats, going to be getting some more in the new year as they are amazing and portable. Plus if you train them to ride around in your hood you can make that teller from the Barclay’s bank in Pinner fall off her chair and start crying…its hilarious…especially if you put the rat near the money transfer hole and suggest that you pet her…you can disrupt the whole bank…(I grew up in Pinner, there was seriously nothing else to do for fun.)

Dream Battle Of The Band Lineup
OK Im turning this question to dream band lineup as it will be more fun. Patton, Dev Townsend, that one armed drummer from Def Leppard (more for show,) and Ween…could u even begin to imagine the music they would make?
I’m not sure if is true; the one about Winston Churchill when he’s drunk and that woman coming into his chambersWoman-“sir you are hideously drunk”Winston Churchill -“and madam you are hideously ugly but in the morning I shall be sober…”

Dream interview
Mike Patton

My tombstone will say…
Here lies Julia Hardy hopefully, otherwise they’ve buried me in the wrong place…

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